About Akasha London

I am of the belief that when we're ready for something new, for a way to change our lives, improve our circumstances and deepen our spiritual journey, the universe sends the resources. If you're here, it means you're ready for something new... for a raise in frequency... an expansion of consciousness. I also believe there are no coincidences. Everything is interconnected and meaningful. To me, that means that something powerful led you here, to me! And me to you!

My name is Natasha and I am the founder of Akasha London

Akasha was created in March 2020.

I launch on the Etsy platform with the intention to create self-care lifestyle products for those seeking healing, self-love, clarity, an abundance of magic and total bliss.

Akasha is a spiritual beauty lifestyle brand, that creates the finest formulas using the beautiful gifts that mother nature has to offer.

The brand has been created to help individuals align with their higher self through products, practices, reconnecting, healing and inspiring you to be all that you truly are.

Working with the power of intention, perspective and mother nature’s magical crystals and essential oils. Akasha inhibits age-old beliefs in a modern and simplified approach. 

We focus on using the best vegan, organic and healing ingredients in our products.

Our company slogan: 100% VEGAN – 100% ORGANIC – 100% MAGICAL