The Opening of The Lion's Gate Portal August 8th 2022

The Opening of The Lion's Gate Portal August 8th 2022

If you've noticed a vibe shift since the July 28 new moon in Leo, there's a good reason: The Lion's Gate Portal has begun to open. The Portal begins to open around July 28 every year and remains open until August 12. But if you want to work with the energy the portal ushers in then August 8 is the day of the "official activation."

The Lionsgate 88 Portal is the opening of a galactic gate that delivers high-frequency energy into our beings, allowing us to rebirth our spirit energy and the spirit energy of Mother Earth. This high-frequency energy can be used to open our energy centers, inspire new ideas, raise our consciousness, and enhance our ability to receive psychic downloads.
Why is it called “Lions” Gate?

The Rising of Sirius, which ancient astrologers celebrated as the rebirth of Spirit, happens to occur right in the heart of Leo Season, which is ruled by the Lion. On August 8, the Sun is just past 15 degrees of Leo, which is halfway through the zodiac. Reaching this halfway mark also signifies the astrological midpoint between the June Solstice and the September Equinox. Reaching this halfway mark is said to thin the veil between the realm of spirit and the “3D world”.
What significance does 8/8 have?

88 in numerology represents infinity and DNA activation, allowing us to take this Sirius energy and infuse into the very core of our being. We can also unlock and upgrade the memory of our cells allowing us to bring more healing, peace, and love into our being.

Manifesting for the Lion's Gate Portal
Unless you're someone who is super dedicated to learning about manifestation, there are likely some pieces of the process you aren't getting exposed to. The parts that are less glamorous often don't make it to your Instagram feed in a way that's meaningful. Which is okay! Everything is planting a seed. But if you've gotten a bit exhausted of the inundation around manifesting and can't seem to make much progress, keep reading.

Have you ever baked something from scratch? All cakes, brownies and cookies require measuring out each ingredient right? Personally, I am not the *best* baker because I'm blessed that my mum is a pastry chef and makes all kids of beautiful treats. But we can look at manifesting the same way we look at making our fav cookies.

Every ingredient is needed! So here's a starting recipe: - dedication + consistency - visualization + feeling state - action - clarity - awareness - conscious change - letting go. Hopefully, this can point you in the right direction to attracting your manifestations.

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I would love to hear what wonderful rituals you performed during the the Lionsgate Portal opening.

Love always
Natasha x

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